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Did you know that Liyoyelo is situated in a Royal Village? The Lozi king, known as the Litunga, has his Winter Palace in Limulunga. Every year, the great Zambezi river bursts its banks and floods the fertile plains. Whole villages are abandoned for a season, and everyone - men, women, children and animals, move to the higher land on the escarpment to escape the flood waters.

Diplomats and dignitaries, including the President of Zambia, as well as thousands of Zambians and increasing numbers of tourists, descend on Limulunga and make this usually quiet and peaceful village a very busy and noisy place - but just for one weekend.

The Litunga moves from his Summer Palace in the village of Lealui (on the flood plains) to his Winter Palace in Limulunga. This movement is known as Kuomboka and is one of the largest and most famous festivals in Zambia. The Litunga, his entourage and luggage travel by boat - a very large and beautiful wooden boat known as the Nalikwanda. Spurred on by the pounding of the large royal drums, over one hundred paddlers manoeuvre the Nalikwanda across the flood plains, in a journey often taking up to 8 hours. The Litunga is given a riotous welcome when he arrives in Limulunga, as thousands of people turn out to welcome him.

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